“A writer feels happy when the words connect with the reader’s heart.” ―Avijeet Das

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“Mari, a Norwegian girl, is forced to grow up fast when Nazi soldiers occupy her village in 1940. Readers will cheer for Mari as she discovers her inner strength – and the courage to help celebrate Norway’s spirit of resistance.”
Kathleen Ernst, author of the Caroline Abbott series for AMERICAN GIRL and the CHLOE ELLEFSON MYSTERIES series for adults.
“Brings to life the courage of the Norwegian people during the German occupation… beautifully expresses the strength and hope family provides in the midst of difficulty.”
Caroline Starr Rose, author of MAY B. and BLUE BIRDS
“This is the third and final book in the trilogy… does an excellent job of showing how loyalty, courage, and love of family and country allowed the Norwegians to survive during the Nazi occupation.”
The Jewish Book Council
"A seldom-seen slice of daily life during World War II in this compelling tale… Recommended for historical-fiction fans and animal lovers alike."
ALA Booklist
“…a well-researched book about Norway and the World War II occupation. Doors will open for interested teenagers and adults.”
Irene Levin Berman, author of NORWAY WASN’T TOO SMALL