Happy EARTH DAY, 2021

All this week I’ve been sharing posts recommending picture books that can inspire and ignite a spirit of conservation and activism regarding our one and only planet, Earth. Today is the actual and official EARTH DAY, 2021, the fifty-first such day, and noteworthy for a variety of reasons. If you care to take a look at my picture book blog posts, I’d suggest starting with today’s, since it acknowledges the power of combined effort in Wisconsin’s Senator Gaylord Nelson’s effort to launch this environmental awareness and activism movement.

The post includes several picture books that will blow you away with the power of their text and illustration. It ends with a link to a YOUTUBE video of the song BLUE BOAT HOME, lyrics and music written by Peter Mayer.  (If you don’t move over to that post, the title is linked here, too.

Why would I mention all this here? Because some changes are coming soon to this website.

By mid-May this location will expand and update to include information about the release of my first picture book. Watch for the cover reveal and details about celebration plans. This site will also be rolling in an addition page that will cross- post new picture book posts, ones that, until now, I’ve only had on my longstanding blog, UNPACKING THE POWER OF PICTURE BOOKS. Posts will soon appear on both sites in an attempt to reach readers with wide interests. And, if my best intentions are carried out, I will be reworking the archives on my picture book site to make archived posts more readily accessible for those seeking a “just right” book for particular readers, topics, and occasions.

For now, this post is simply to answer a few of the questions I hear, including:


Oh, my, yes. But much of it has been behind the scenes. Stay tuned!



4 Responses to “Happy EARTH DAY, 2021”

  1. Joyce Uglow

    I cannot wait to see the cover and read your newest book. Picture books are your thing! ❤️

    • Sandy

      Thanks for reading and cheering me on with this project, Joyce. it’s a slow build, but every day more listing and planning and prep takes place. Fun to have you along for the ride!

  2. Cheri

    So much excitement and so much work! You are a very busy lady! Can’t wait for it all to come to full fruition! Keep us in the loop! ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😘

    • Sandy

      it’s a fun kind of work to do, and is keeping my brain cells activated! Lots of details t juggle and prep and finalize, but for a really happy reason. Thanks for the good wishes!


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