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“My students were engaged and attentive because they were interested in having you answer their questions. They loved your writerly tips. They especially liked that writers need to be reminded to stay with it: B-I-C=Bum In Chair.”
Vicky S., fifth grade teacher
“Students LOVE your book and were very eager to learn about how you worked to turn an idea into a book. They especially enjoyed our small group time and had many questions.”
Fifth grade teacher
“ODIN’S PROMISE is now one of our favorite books! Thank you for creating characters that we cared so much about we couldn’t put the book down. We could feel Mari’s emotions as if they were our own. Thank you for coming to our school and for answering our questions.” 
Mrs. M., fifth grade teacher
“Your books shows how even the smallest and quietest of people can make a big statement.” 
Maya O., Fourth grader
“I thought it was interesting when you were telling us about the special garments and Norwegian elkhounds and all your research. Your book really takes me into the story. I think you inspired me to be a writer because I want to be a writer now. My first book is going to be about you coming to our school and telling us about this book.”
Destiny, fifth grader
“My favorite part is when you showed us the special zipper and how it can get stuck, like when we get stuck on reading or writing. I will remember that.  I never knew how books were made until you told us about it.” 
Gabriella R., fifth grader
“I can’t believe I had the privilege to meet a real author! You write the best poems EVER! I hope you can come again and again.”
Ryan B., third grader


Sandy Brehl visits schools, presents programs at literacy events, and facilitates workshops for both kids and adults. She currently stays “close to home” but is eager to work with your school or organization to connect via ZOOM or SKYPE, or design a visit that best fits your needs and her ability to travel.

The above note is an optimistic view of possible visits in 2021, but does not apply until the 2020 Coronovirus effects on schools and other gatherings are no longer necessary. I have led and participated in webinars and live Zoom programs extensively  during this shelter-at-home year, and  I welcome inquiries from groups who are interested in my  books, in topics related to writing, or have Scandinavian/WWII interests.


Sandy is a retired teacher and loves spending time with young readers and writers. Programs can focus on the writing life, her process, the development of various books, or the world of publishing. She can arrange intimate classroom exchanges, all-school assemblies, or something in between. All visits will be standards-alligned, grade level-appropriate, creative and interactive, and always highly respectful of both kids and books.

A full day’s visit includes up to four programs of approximately 60 minutes each. Sponsor’s expenses include honorarium, transportation, lodging and meals. Neighboring schools can arrange to share a day and split the cost. Sandy is always happy and grateful to sign and personalize books before or after presentations.

Sandy also offers programs for adult and family groups with interest in the topics of her books, Scandinavian WWII history, or writing.

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July 6, 2021

On release day for my first picture book, IS IT OVER?, you are invited to register and attend a virtual celebration, via EVENTBRITE:

July 6, 2021.

Here’s the link:

Join us?

LIVE, OUTDOOR Book Launch Party

July 18, 2021

Anyone in SE Wisconsin area is invited to join an outdoor, covid-safe celebration!

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