Packing for Hurricane Ian? Include Books.

Nothing about this short post is meant to make light of the very dangerous, potentially deadly impact of HURRICANE IAN heading toward Florida. Those likely to be most affected have prepared “go bags”, shutters, escape plans, etc. Take good care, everyone, to ready those essentials first. But if there are children within your planning circle,… Read more »

The STAR That Always STAYS, a Review

THE STAR THAT ALWAYS STAYS By Anna Rose Johnson Holiday House, ISBN: 978-0-8234-5040-4  $17.99 July 12, 2022 Ages 8-12 Young Norvia’s story is one of coming of age in a world that has been turned upside down by her recent family events and looming global war. Her pursuit of a place in the real world… Read more »


The Illiterate Daughter: The Young Guardian, Book One by Chia Gounza Vang Teen Historical Fiction, independently published December, 2021 From Amazon blurb: “In war torn Laos, thirteen-year-old Nou daydreams of the legendary heroes and mythical beings who live in the folklore stories she loves to hear. Remembering them helps her ignore physical pain as she… Read more »

HEROES of WWII: Fifty Inspiring Stories of Bravery

WORLD WAR II BOOKS FOR KIDS Series HEROES OF WORLD WAR II:  50 Inspiring Stories of Bravery by Kelly Milner Halls ISBN: 978148763786 Paperback, August 10, 2021 Rockridge Press   Earlier this year I read and reviewed two related titles from this series, both by Kelly Milner Halls. Click the titles VOICES OF ORDINARY HEROES… Read more »