Celebrating TENTH ANNIVERSARY of Odin’s Promise

Happy Anniversary to Odin’s Promise, the novel I thought might never be! Take a look at a giveaway opportunity, and then read on to learn more about this wild past year in my life! When I invite folks to subscribe to my newsletter (see the right margin >>>>) I promise I will not be flooding their inboxes with newsletters. Hmmm… I kept that promise, right? This is the first newsletter in nearly a year! But some things are worthy of a new edition and  an effort to call more attention to it here! Add any kind of comment below this post to be entered in two giveaways, with the drawing scheduled for  MAY 17, Norway’s SYTTENDE MAI, Constitution Day. (Ideas to comment: Have you read Odin’s Promise? Any of the other books in the trilogy? Recommend other favorites titles on the topic of WWII? Or just post a lively congrats- all will be welcome!)

The 2014 book launch for my debut novel was one of the happiest events ever. Friends from many walks of life took time to join the original celebration, including my excellent editor, the late Philip Martin.

After working for so many years on research and writing, after so many false starts and near misses, holding ODIN’S PROMISE in my hands was thrilling. I was infinitely grateful that evening, and continue to feel that way to this day. So many people helped to make it possible: critique partners, SCBWI friends and resources, my editor, and the “dream team” of volunteer friends who hosted that night and cheered me on.

During the Q&A that followed my reading and comments, one preview reader asked when the sequel would be released. After spending forever getting the first year of German occupation of Norway to publication, I hadn’t even considered writing more on the topic. With the encouragement of other readers and support of my editor, I dove into more research and had long “talks” with my characters. The trilogy was completed in 2017, Norway was finally free again

Check out some photos from that special night (and the eventual books). Please read on to learn about giveaways and a few updates about my life!

GIVEAWAYS!      Anniversary Celebration!

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A random drawing from names of all who comment will take place on (of course) Syttende Mai (May 17). I’m excited to share the news of winners!

(of course) Syttende Mai (May 17). I’m excited to share the news of winners!

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