Guess what… I’m Still Here!

I thought long and hard about this post title, since it humbles me to admit how absent I have been from my public-facing writing life. (Hint, it was NOT about COVID.) There are good reasons for my radio-silence (as old-timers say).  I issued this new- newsletter post to summarize what’s been going on in my life, explaining why I have been “ghosting” this site (as young ones say), and what lies ahead. If you don’t subscribe to my newsletter, HERE is a link to that recent post. While I’m at it, I’ll invite you to subscribe to my newsletter in that sidebar,  over there to the right of this post. Clearly, I will not be flooding your inbox, but I do expect to return to a quarterly schedule, if you’d like to keep up about four times each year.

Writing about my year of challenges was yet another challenge for me, because I am quite private and tend a bit toward being a recluse. That can be a good fit for a writer, not so much for sustaining friends and followers. But those who have cheered and encouraged me so often in the past, even those with just a budding curiosity, deserve a direct and honest update on what has changed in the last year, and a statement from me about how I plan to proceed.

In fact, I will be returning soon to public appearances, safely outdoors,  in the company of other writers for adults and kids, in an upcoming event at a “dream” setting- Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Details below:

Becky Hirsch, the talented illustrator of my recent picture book, IS IT OVER?, will be joining me for part of the day. Learn more about the venue HERE, about Becky HERE, and about the book, HERE.

Fair warning, summer weekends are very busy in this area, but the payoff is that you’ll find a plethora of fun things to do, see, and eat, as well as fantastic shops and that gorgeous beach. Our authorfest is outdoors, so here’s my personal warning: a SEVERE weather forecast will mean I need to cancel. I won’t melt in an occasional sprinkle, but damage  to the books I bring along is not something I am willing risk.

Barring bad weather, I’d love to see some/all of you next Saturday, July 9, near the glorious beach of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. If I miss you there, I hope you’ll continue to stay tuned here, and possibly follow my reviews on my picture book blog, HERE, and on Goodreads, HERE, where I review works for all ages, including adults!

For now, I’m feeling good to once again reach out, and I’m looking forward to  more in the near future. Meanwhile, here’s hoping that your own lives have been successful and healthy and happy, at least much of the time since I last popped by. Feel free to share an experience from your own year in comments.  Take care of yourselves, out there. We need each other, right?


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