IS IT OVER? Happy 2021!

We’re ALL counting on 2021 to be a huge improvement over 2020, right?  Well, to kick off the new year, I’m sharing a  “two-fer” good news.

Later this spring (stay tuned for details) a new picture book will hit the stands, written by Sandy Brehl and illustrated by Becky Hirsch. It has absolutely nothing to do with politics or Coronavirus, but check out the title:



KA-BOOM!  When storms send you running for cover, be brave, look up. Find a story in the storm to calm your fears. Your story just might help someone you love.

The cover reveal and social media announcements will begin later this month, but close friends and family are getting a sneak preview. Followers here are both friends and family, so you are all first up to hear the news!

I’d love to have you follow along with our updates and announcements. If any of you have blog or other outlets to review books or interview creators, please get in touch! We’ll be grateful for any interest and support.

If you haven’t already done so, you can find me on Facebook at Sandy Brehl Author, on Twitter @SandyBrehl and @PBWorkshop and at

You can find Becky online at  or as rhirschillus on Instagram.

Heads up, there is another Rebecca Hirsch illustrator online, so don’t just  Google her name. That name must have been first in roll call when art talent was being handed out!

Here’s a tiny glimpse of an interior image, my welcome to the new year.


Happy New Year, everyone, and stay cautious as we continue our Covid battles!

Sandy’s email:

Becky’s email:




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    • Sandy

      Thank you, Janet!
      As you know, the months between sharing initial news and celebrating actual release can move like molasses, but I’m grateful to have your along for the journey!


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