It’s That Time of Year: CYBILS Awards for Outstanding Books for Kids/Teens

It has been my privilege to serve as a Round One panelist for various categories of books for the past four years. I’ve been part of remarkable teams working to evaluate releases for the current year in the categories of fiction picture books, poetry, and nonfiction for elementary and middle grades. I’m so excited to participate again for the FIFTH year, this time in the dual category of elementary and middle grades nonfiction books. I am every bit as excited this year as I was back in 2015 when I was a newbie to the process.

You, reader, are an essential part of this process. CYBILS relies on those who read books to, for, and with young readers (and that includes those amazing teen novels and information books!) to think about your favorites from the past year. Here are the full directions. No worries if you don’t have faves in every category. You can nominate in a single category, several, or ALL! The directions are not really hard, but be sure to read through the linked post to click and read the rules, and then read the post until you find the words “Follow this link to nominate”– where you can click and proceed- until October 15.

I’ve already maxed out my hold list at the library and will be hauling books in and out of my home for the next two months, winnowing and exchanging ideas with the other panelists in my group. Don’t think I’ll neglect this site, though. I have some wonderful books to share right here, on this very blog, that aren’t part of the competition, along with a very special author interview. That’s because, even when reading dozens (nay, hundreds?) of books for the awards, I still love to read fantastic books about writing, books in other genre, and anything that is well-written.

Hope you are doing the same.

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Happy reading!



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