News from GLORIOUS LAKE GENEVA, Wisconsin

This is not how I’ve used my posts here, in the past. But the past is past and I’m really focusing on staying in the moment and celebrating life, which is what yesterday felt like, all day.

Lake Geneva, WI, Public Library hosted a Beachwalk Authorfest on July 9, their 8th annual, and my first with them. It couldn’t have been more perfect: weather sunny and light breezes, joyful and curious crowds, great company with illustrator of IS IT OVER?, Rebecca S. Hirsch. Add in snacks and sales and it was a fine way to reflect back on the changes in a single year.

Worth every minute of struggle to land on my feet and feel like myself again!

Enjoy the photos!

2 Responses to “News from GLORIOUS LAKE GENEVA, Wisconsin”

  1. Joyce Uglow

    Lake Geneva supports literacy. Their Authorfest looks like another example. What a wonderful way to spend a summer day.

    • Sandy

      Since first publishing, this event was one of the nest at organizing, providing support, and making a welcoming space for exhibitors and visitors. And they are superb at orchestrating perfect weather, it seems!


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